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    Monday, June 12, 2006
    Luv Ltr

    Every town has a character. New York has a character all its own. New York… New York City is like the best lover you ever had. That sexy redhead with the worst temper… that hottie who keeps breaking your heart but you can’t help letting back in. The one who can make you feel so good you forget about all the troubles in the world.
    Your best friend, your angel dressed up in the naughtiest outfit for you.
    New York has a pulse.
    On Puerto Rican Day parade there’s a slow throb in the belly of the beast. And we’re all a part of it. Jumpin ‘n jiving, limping and rhyming.

    Someone exploding behind you… in giggles or coughs. There’s always something going on. That’s why you love it the most. The choiciest cut from the finest butcher in town… king fit for a crown.
    New York is the King of All Cities.

    It may not always be pretty… or kind… or cruel. There ain’t any rules, except you gotta follow all the rulez.

    Sometimes it crowds ya, makes you feel like you’re just a part of the crowd. Then slaps you with wisdom so personal you could swear she’s talking right to ya.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    my list of qualities desired, required, and admired...

    -funny, makes me laugh
    -nice to look at, makes me smile
    -good kisser, makes my heart shiver
    -driven... gotta be driven by something, for something, toward something... no use just staying in one place all the time
    -a little crazy...
    -not TOO crazy
    -doesn't need a mommy... has a functional mommy already in his life
    -good at talking. has an opinion, but also possesses the ability to actually change his mind when proven wrong
    -good manners (see above re: quality mommy)
    -nice to animals and people in the service industry
    -not looking to borrow money from me... i'm not down to pay for any services
    -makes me feel good. doesn't make me feel bad. and if by some chance, i do feel bad, he strives to make me feel better, and not worse
    -can pronounce my name... including last name
    -is not super terrified to meet my friends or family... little nervous, ok. but they're so nice, really nothin to be scurred of
    -calls me back... getting back to me within a reasonable span of time is a sign of respect and maturity
    -makes me feel sexy
    -understands the concepts of space between two people... sometimes its good to get some distance, other times much better to get up close
    -smiles a lot
    -laughs at my jokes
    -gives lots of hugs as needed
    -isn't afraid to ask for help, cuz I do so love to be of help
    -doesn't worry too much about the future, or waste time fretting about the past
    -has nice things to say about past lovers
    -supports me in my artistic endevours and helps in any way necessary
    -embraces the differences between us... i may not be super enthused about the latest hockey scores, or the stupefying trends in sub-molecular physics, and that's just the way it is.
    -makes an effort to make plans and do activities together
    -is honest about his feelings, in general and how he feels about me specifically
    -brings me water. that's it... can't have me getting dehydrated!
    -optimistic about life, though a little jaded's ok... its a modern world after all

    my love, its unconditional... of course.

    Sunday, January 29, 2006
    Happy new year! Lucky doggies

    I don't feel so good, pain in the neck - literally. And I really don't feel like having the flu right now... though if I were honest with myself, I'd say that I feel like I'm getting the flu right now.
    And my mommy's so far away. Who's gonna fix me a nice hot bowl of chicken soup, huh? No one. That's who.
    I hope Mom and Jane are doing good over yonder in freezing Paris. I'm sure the crepes, baguettes and pains du chocolat, along with the cafes au lait are keepin them both nice and toasty.
    Its colder over there than it is here! In the immortal sentiments of Nelson: "Ha-ha!".

    I had to postpone my 11am meeting this morning... and the dentist app't I had set up for tomorrow afternoon... gosh DARN it... and I was SO looking forward to the dentist (jolly dr. bronstein) peering into my mouth and tsk-tsking me about wisdom teeth... and then making up a cavity or two so he can bill my insurance a little extra.
    NOT that a DENTIST would EVER making up a cavity, kiddies! That must just be the fever talkin.

    I guess this gives me the incentive to set up my DVD player, hook it up to the TV, I just hope I have all the cables for it... and by "all the cables" I mean that one cable. where is that sucker?

    Sunday, January 08, 2006
    Happy New Year! slightly belated...
    2006 is gonna be good, aight? ya got that, bub?

    My New Year's Eve this time around was just SO much better than last year's. Which is all I wanted - just an improvement. I didn't need fireworks or anything.

    I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back to my writing, and finish some of the projects I've had in the works these past few tumultuous years. Who knows... completion might not be so scary after all.

    Sunday, December 11, 2005
    I'll be out of the coutry for a couple of weeks.
    here's a treat for ya The Shining re-enacted by bunnies.


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